Maybe I have already told you in one of my previous blogposts that I am a great music lover. Depending on my actual state of mind I listen to different genres of music. There are many rock bands I love but sometimes I don’t say no to classical music neither to pop songs. It is up to how I feel like in the given moment.

Anyway, this is not exactly what I wanted to write about today. I have got some news for you: I have decided to buy a record player. Why? I visited a friend of mine last week who owns a premium category record player. He put on one of his Bob Marley vinyls and we were listening to it. The sound it produced was so pure, so amazing, I knew right away that I needed one, too.

As always when I want to buy something, I started off by looking around on the web. I went to google, and starting searching for different keywords related to record players and buying record players. I found this site called Pick My Turntable - reviewing the most popular record players. It offers some great feedback on different kinds of record players and turntable in different price ranges. They also give recommendations about where to buy the given piece for cheap.

After reading some of their reviews and buying guides I knew that the model I need was the AT-LP120 from the manufacturer Audio Technica. I don’t think it will take long before I buy it and write a short blogpost about my first impressions.